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Revised covers, pricing.

I have changed the covers for “The Plain Girl’s Earrings” and “Deadly Journey” (see “My Books” page) and have reduced the price of “Earrings” to $0.99c/£0.77p for a promotional period.

Both are available from Amazon and Smashwords.

Third volume of “The Witch’s Box” series

Dark Tides“, the dramatic third volume of “The Witch’s Box” is now available for purchase. In this one, the struggle between rebels and the Empire comes to a conclusion, ancient energies are awakened, and Imperial Princess Maihara keeps alive her ambition to become Empress. (to order, search for Kim J Cowie on Amazon.)

Note there is also a paperback edition. Both editions are available for purchase from 15 July 2021.

Dark Tides UK order

Blue Monday Diaries

The Blue Monday Diaries – in the studio with New Order, by Michael Butterworth. (Plexus Books)
One for the fans.
In a day-by-day, minute-by-minute diary, Michael—who was there at the invitation of the band and their manager Rob Gretton—documents the making of New Order’s second studio album and the 12-inch single it spawned.
Other people and subjects meander through his narrative including Ian Curtis, Michael Moorcock and Linda Steele, PJ Proby (lots of him), Peter Saville, Malcolm Whitehead, Claude Bessy (who used Savoy-supplied visuals, from comic books to hardcore weirdness, in his role as official Haçienda video jock), Fenella Fielding, Michael Johnson, Open Head Press, the Altrincham music scene. Most of all, the Savoy bookshops themselves—purveyors of literature, comics, bootlegs and independent records in the 1970s and 80s to the Factory and Manchester music scenes.
(Savoy news release)

Sieg Heil Iconographers

Sieg Heil Iconographers by Jon Farmer

Savoy Books, the most banned publisher in England, presents the history of their house, part III

Mike Butterworth, co-founding publisher of one of the UK’s most notoriously iconoclastic publishing houses, Manchester-based Savoy Books, has been in touch to let us know about the latest title from Savoy: Sieg Heil Iconographers, by Jon Farmer.

“…. it’s a new and alternative opus on all things Savoy to follow its two prequels, A Tea Dance at Savoy by Robert Meadley and A Serious Life by D.M. Mitchell.

“Perhaps the most eccentric yet, this split-personality manifesto has a text that exalts the intense and the neglected, and a parallel story of rare and arresting visuals scintillatingly designed by John Coulthart.”

Mike tells us that the book is a gatefold trade-paperback, weighing-in at 600+pp, which contains “the usual wide range of eclectic personalities: Moorcock, Mr. Punch, Cervantes, Cawthorn, Ruskin, Mosley, Lash LaRue, The White Stripes, Nietzsche, Adolf, Borges, Ian Brady, Guidio, Eliot, Colette, Butterworth, Fenella Fielding, Harrison, Orwell, Nicholas van Hoogstraten, Lord Horror, P.J. Proby and many more.”

For more, see

“The Witch’s Box” now published

The Witch's Box cover“The Witch’s Box” (Kindle and paperback versions) is now available on Amazon. See details in post below.
Handy links:

Please be aware that you don’t need to own a Kindle tablet to buy Kindle books – you can download them to a PC and you should see a link to download the Kindle book manager for PC.  The same applies to Android devices IIRC.

What early readers said:

“That was a very good read, by some margin the best I’ve read by this author .”
“…the execution of teaching Maihara about life is fabulous.”
“This isn’t the usual genre I’d read but I really enjoyed the book.”
“This is a well-structured, fun read with some incredibly well done battles and an intriguing magic system.”

Apologies for the pricing of the paper back, but it is 500 pages long and some 30mm thick.


Upcoming novel

Kindle Cover I will shortly be releasing another epic fantasy novel: “The Witch’s Box.”
I started writing this over five years ago, based around a character from an earlier story, and on the way the plot and the working title have changed, and the story has grown in length.

Imperial Princess Maihara grew up cocooned in luxury, but as she nears adulthood, her cocoon becomes a trap. Her father dislikes her and suspects her of having witchy powers, just like her dead mother. And reformist rebels are besieging the city. With the Empire in peril, Maihara opens a magical Box gifted to her by an unknown hand, but it all goes horribly wrong when she is caught conjuring a flying monster and imprisoned on her father’s orders. The rebels and their barbarian allies capture the city, and Maihara, with no experience of life outside the Palace, must use all her courage and intelligence to survive. Unable to find safety anywhere, and hunted by her father’s sinister Fifth Bureau, she must contend with warfare, politics and a handsome rebel general while clinging to her dream of becoming Empress.


Publication date should be 15 Jan 2020 on Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions.

paperback cover
Draft paperback cover

Fantasy Map
Draft map

New Novella ‘Deadly Journey’

I have released a new novella ‘Deadly Journey’ on Smashwords, as a free download. This novella is the sequel to ‘Deadly Relics’.

Female figure in distress, yellow
Cover image

Starsin, an army cadet and minor member of the nobility, has escaped from a prison colony in the far north of the Virnal-administered Empire. He hopes to contact fellow rebels by traveling south, but disaster strikes, and his physical and moral courage is tested to the limit.

The Plain Girl’s Earrings

My novel “The Plain Girl’s Earrings” is now available on Amazon (US & UK).

The Plain Girl's Earrings by [Cowie, Kim J]

The ruthless Virnal Order rules over the Empire of Satine by fear, guile and an iron hand. Lethal poisons from a past cataclysm are leaking from the ground, causing sickness and death. Unseen insurgency seeks to overturn the established order.

Cadet Starsin only ever wanted a simple life, pursuing his own selfish interests, maintaining a mistress and adding to his meager army pay by trading in ancient artifacts. But when he witnesses the cold blooded murder of a much admired officer by Virnal enforcers, Starsin feels impelled against his instincts to protest. This marks him down as a trouble-maker and potential rebel.

Implicated in sedition, and with both the Virnals and a mysterious adventuress named Lannaira Hajan taking an unhealthy interest in him, Starsin’s mundane life is turned upside down. His own ambiguous past threatens an explosive revelation.

Take a journey across a troubled land with Starsin, as he battles the Virnals, uncovers shocking secrets and finds that he is not the man he thought he was.

Available here: Amazon

The Plain Girl's Earrings