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The Witch's Box cover

Free book promotion – you can download “The Witch’s Box” for free on 15 Feb 2020 from Amazon (worldwide). Links below. Don’t miss out!

Upcoming Internet Radio interview

The Witch's Box cover This Thursday (6 Feb) I have an interview booked on Chat and Spin Radio at 4:50 pm, where I will be interviewed for about 6 minutes about my latest title “The Witch’s Box.”

If you are not already a listener to internet radio, you will need to download an app, e.g. TuneIn (for PC).


“Welcome to the website of Chat and Spin Radio! The home of MORE MUSIC and MORE VARIETY. Listen to us on the go via our app and on the Tune In Radio app. We are a 24 hour Internet Radio Station Broadcasting over 6 years covering UK Local, National & International with our Head Office based in Tyne & Wear. We interview Book Authors / Bands / Singers / Charities / Businesses / Groups.”

“The Witch’s Box” now published

The Witch's Box cover“The Witch’s Box” (Kindle and paperback versions) is now available on Amazon. See details in post below.
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Please be aware that you don’t need to own a Kindle tablet to buy Kindle books – you can download them to a PC and you should see a link to download the Kindle book manager for PC.  The same applies to Android devices IIRC.

What early readers said:

“That was a very good read, by some margin the best I’ve read by this author .”
“…the execution of teaching Maihara about life is fabulous.”
“This isn’t the usual genre I’d read but I really enjoyed the book.”
“This is a well-structured, fun read with some incredibly well done battles and an intriguing magic system.”

Apologies for the pricing of the paper back, but it is 500 pages long and some 30mm thick.


New editions of ‘Nigel Lurch: Anarchist

A second edition of ‘Nigel Lurch: Anarchist’ by “Jeff Bain” has been released in e-book and paperback formats, with a new cover.

‘Nigel Lurch: Anarchist’ is a comic novel with fantasy elements, about an unruly British student.

Available from Amazon.

EDGE-Lit 6

EDGE-Lit 6 was held on 15 July 2017 at the Derby QUAD, Derby, UK. EDGE-Lit is a popular science fiction, fantasy and horror writing event, offering workshops, panels, readings and book launches. Guests this year included well-known and not-quite-famous authors, notably Joanne Harris and Samantha Shannon. In additions there are dealers’ areas.
I attended panels on ‘Think Small: What are the Benefits of Working with Small and Independent Presses?’, ‘Epic! Why is High Fantasy Still Riding a Wave of Popularity? and ‘New Voices: How Hard is it to Break Into Fantasy Fiction?’ All offered interesting insights. I also attended a lively workshop with Anna Stephens on ‘Character POV’s – How Many is Too Many’ which revealed that most writers present used a modest number of close 3rd person narrators but one or two used a lot more.
Small press and self-publishers were well represented in the dealers’ rooms. As the scheduled programme was quite full I did not manage to look at everything. The day concluded with a book raffle (didn’t win) and the Gemmell Awards Ceremony, which I missed as I had a lengthy train journey.
In addition to the freebies in the Con goody bag, I bought Samantha Shannon’s ‘The Bone Season’, Tony Cooper’s ‘The Resurrection Tree’, ‘Myriad Lands’ a collection of diverse fantasy inspired by legends from around the world (Guardbridge Books) and C L Raven’s ‘Disenchanted’ a collection of recreated dark-fantasy tales. CL Raven are two lively sisters from Wales, dressed for this occasion in dark-fantasy costume. I had to buy their book after laughing aloud over the first lines.
In summary, I found this a worthwhile and enjoyable event. Everyone I met was a published writer, an aspiring writer or a writer/publisher.

Buckingham Literary Festival.

This ran from Fri 30 June to 2 July 2017. Venues were scattered around the town with most being at the University of Buckingham. I attended two events on the Sunday.
First impressions were not favourable. I arrived at the place identified by the postcode and had to ask where the Festival car park was. Then I had to ask (twice) for directions to the actual venue, which had been moved to a marquee. Signage was lacking. In the interval I had to ask twice for directions to the toilets, which were in a building in another street some way off.
How to Write Like a Pro with Judith Allnatt and AJ Mackenzie. This talk by an experienced author and a multi-book husband-wife team gave some useful guidance on how to go about creative writing, from start to finding an agent. I made various notes.
How to Publish Like a Pro with John Mitchinson and Sheila Crowley. The title of this talk was slightly misleading, as despite the write-up in the printed programme, self-publishing was not covered at all. John Michison runs Unbound, a crowd-funded publisher. This is an interesting concept – books are taken on subject to sufficient funds being raised via Unbound through crowd-funding. Figures mentioned were £4000 to launch an e-book and £11,000 to launch a hardcopy. (As an aside, one might comment that with figures like these, self-publishing authors should maybe just give up now.) Sheila Crowley is a successful agent, and her talk was mostly about best-sellers. The need for an author to find a good agent was stressed.