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Biography of a Serbian Diplomat

The Biography of a Serbian Diplomat, by Lena A. Yovitchitch

This book was one I bought some years ago at a second-hand book fair. It was published in 1939, and covers events from the mid-19th century to the First World War, and sheds a light on long forgotten people and events in countries that may no longer exist.  It follows Yovitchitch’s career through diplomatic postings to London, Rome and elsewhere, and gives a glimpse into the gentlemanly practice of diplomacy, and Yovitchitch’s encounters with royalty.  Diplomatic conversations and correspondence were generally in French. Yovitchitch’s Scottish wife and his growing family are also mentioned.  The book covers a few sensational but long-forgotten events, such as the assassination of the King and Queen of Servia, and Turkish occupation of parts of the Balkans. It also gives an insight into conditions in Servia and the Balkans at the time. The book contains 15 photographs of personages.

This book would be of interest to readers with an interest in history, or maybe authors seeking to write historical or fantasy fiction.

The book is still available from online sellers of used books, but the prices are not cheap.

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