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I am used to electronic kit being mostly reliable but have had an epidemic of failures in the past few months, several discovered yesterday:

Two spare BD players – both no longer play BDs

Satellite receiver/positioner – died.

Spare satellite receiver/positioner – remote control dead, half of positioner not working.

Universal programmable remote control – dead.

I have had the multisatellite system for quite a long time and it has undergone several modifications. The dish is moved by a 36 volt jack actuator, which will mean little to most people, but it is a scheme which has become obsolete for domestic-sized dishes. Similarly the integrated satellite receiver/ positioners have become obsolete. The makers of my two do not seem to be even making any satellite receivers of this type any more.

Which leaves me with a problem, since the whole system is currently unusable with no working positioner. How to repair and future proof the system? I intend to purchase a stand-alone dish positioner box, which will get the system working and allow both receivers to work. All components of the system will then be replaceable with parts that are currently available new or used.

Too bad that the all4one remote died as I was going to program it to replace the dead satellite remote, but a replacement for the Echostar remote is only £10. I could work it from the front panel but it seems worth the investment to avoid crouching over the set-top box.

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