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Non-writing tech stuff 2

I bought a MSP990 36 volt satellite positioner box to update my satellite setup. It came without a user manual. I assumed I could easily download one, but no, nothing to be found anywhere. I tried purchasing one online, and claimed to have it, but when I paid the fee the manual did not download, the manual was not in their database and all I got when contacting them was a lot of weasly excuses.

Later I managed to figure out the essentials of how to operate the box so I could use it. The standard definition satellite receivers now don’t seem worth a lot of effort to repair them, as more channels switch to HD. Currently I have one HD euro satellite box and one working SD.

A few days ago I received a new router from my internet service provider, as I had had the original one for 8 years. I just had to pay a postage and packing fee, and agree to send the old one back.

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