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Sieg Heil Iconographers

Sieg Heil Iconographers by Jon Farmer

Savoy Books, the most banned publisher in England, presents the history of their house, part III

Mike Butterworth, co-founding publisher of one of the UK’s most notoriously iconoclastic publishing houses, Manchester-based Savoy Books, has been in touch to let us know about the latest title from Savoy: Sieg Heil Iconographers, by Jon Farmer.

“…. it’s a new and alternative opus on all things Savoy to follow its two prequels, A Tea Dance at Savoy by Robert Meadley and A Serious Life by D.M. Mitchell.

“Perhaps the most eccentric yet, this split-personality manifesto has a text that exalts the intense and the neglected, and a parallel story of rare and arresting visuals scintillatingly designed by John Coulthart.”

Mike tells us that the book is a gatefold trade-paperback, weighing-in at 600+pp, which contains “the usual wide range of eclectic personalities: Moorcock, Mr. Punch, Cervantes, Cawthorn, Ruskin, Mosley, Lash LaRue, The White Stripes, Nietzsche, Adolf, Borges, Ian Brady, Guidio, Eliot, Colette, Butterworth, Fenella Fielding, Harrison, Orwell, Nicholas van Hoogstraten, Lord Horror, P.J. Proby and many more.”

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