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Upcoming novel

Kindle Cover I will shortly be releasing another epic fantasy novel: “The Witch’s Box.”
I started writing this over five years ago, based around a character from an earlier story, and on the way the plot and the working title have changed, and the story has grown in length.

Imperial Princess Maihara grew up cocooned in luxury, but as she nears adulthood, her cocoon becomes a trap. Her father dislikes her and suspects her of having witchy powers, just like her dead mother. And reformist rebels are besieging the city. With the Empire in peril, Maihara opens a magical Box gifted to her by an unknown hand, but it all goes horribly wrong when she is caught conjuring a flying monster and imprisoned on her father’s orders. The rebels and their barbarian allies capture the city, and Maihara, with no experience of life outside the Palace, must use all her courage and intelligence to survive. Unable to find safety anywhere, and hunted by her father’s sinister Fifth Bureau, she must contend with warfare, politics and a handsome rebel general while clinging to her dream of becoming Empress.


Publication date should be 15 Jan 2020 on Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions.

paperback cover
Draft paperback cover
Fantasy Map
Draft map
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